Year 11 – 2010/11

2010 Full Specification

KE Camp Hill Boys Curriculum map
• You will be able to research your task by using your class notes, books, the school library and any other resources you may have at school, including the internet.
• When you have completed the task, you must attach a full list of resources used, including websites.
• You may not communicate with other candidates about the content of your work during the high level of control period.
• You are advised not to exceed the guidance of 2000 words. You may use a variety of presentation methods such as sketch maps, diagrams, graphs and photographs. Your answer may be hand written or word processed.
• This controlled assessment is for submission in the June 2011 series only.
• Quality of written communication will be assessed in your work.
• The maximum mark for this controlled assessment is 60.
Changing Urban Environments – Investigate land use in (part of) an urban area.
Possible Enquiry Sequence
• Construct a question or hypothesis relating to the task selected.
• Give reasons for your choice of question or hypothesis.
• Identify and define key concepts and/or processes.
• Locate the study area.
• Identify methods used to investigate the question or hypothesis.
• Describe and justify these methods, noting sample sizes involved where appropriate.
• Collate and sort information collected.
• Produce appropriate forms of presentation to display the information collected.
• Describe, interpret and analyse results, making links where possible.
• Reach conclusions in relation to the initial question or hypothesis.
• Identify any problems encountered with the methods.
• Comment on the accuracy of the results and the validity of the conclusions.
• Suggest ways in which such an investigation may be improved.
Controlled Assessment – Mark scheme (Part 1) Mark Scheme (Part 2)

Unit 4 – Glaciation

Unit 5 – Restless Earth

Unit 6 – Weather and Climate

Training for teachers
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