Year 13 – 2009 – Unit 4 – Fieldwork Investigation

Fieldwork investigation

 Preparation for assessment

 The individual investigation of a geographical argument, assertion, hypothesis, issue or problem

 By the end of the investigative work in the field, candidates will be expected to demonstrate an ability to:


  • display an understanding of the purpose of the investigation and relevant spatial and conceptual background
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the geographical content, concepts and processes
  • show an awareness of the suitability of the data collected and the methods used
    • be aware of the alternatives and evaluate methodology
  • use this information in a straightforward way, presenting it in a different or more easily understood form, e.g. graphs, maps
  • be familiar with alternative methods of data presentation/processing
  • analyse, interpret and evaluate geographical information, issues and viewpoints and apply understanding in unfamiliar contexts
  • draw conclusions relating to the specific enquiry, understand their validity, limitations and implications for the study
  • use and understand their own experience of fieldwork and enquiry
    • plan, construct and carry out sequences of enquiry
  • select and use a variety of methods, skills and techniques to investigate questions and issues, reach conclusions and communicate findings
  • demonstrate an awareness of safety issues and risk assessment in geographical fieldwork.

 4 hours in the classroom followed by at least one day’s data collection in the field.

 6 hours write-up